How Much Can You Make In Pest Control?


Are you in desperate need of a career change? Have you ever considered becoming a pest control technician? The video provides some insight into the life of an independent pest control expert. The presenter in the video shows the viewer how he made $1400 in a single day.

Whether or not the above sum is the average amount of money that such a professional can make, it is clear that pest control is a lucrative business. There is a constant demand for this kind of service as it is the best solution to a problem that can seriously impact homeowners’ quality.

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The technical side of the business involves spraying for insects and bugs of all kinds. Pest control specialists also check for the existence of insects such as termites and then get on with eradicating them. As the video shows, the customer relations side of the business is also important. The technician in the video made no money on several jobs because they were either follow-ups to a previous call-out or part of some special offer. You must build a strong and expanding customer base to make the most money in this business. Now you know how much money you can make in pest control.