Four Tips to Prevent Workplace Falls


Floor sweepers

When someone falls on television, people laugh. That?s the reason falls are put in a show in the first place, to get a laugh. In real life, especially in the workplace, falls are no laughing matter. Slips and falls are responsible for 95 million lost work days a year, which means money lost by the business and wages lost by the employee. Preventing such an event must be a priority for everyone, and these four fall prevention tips should help.

  1. Keep It Clean: Good housekeeping is vital when preventing accidents at work. That means establishing a routine with assigned and well-defined job. Plan ahead and ensure that the new routine becomes a normal part of the daily schedule. Better to endure the inconvenience of daily cleaning than have an individual slip on random debris on a dirty floor. Such debris is no issue when employees make the habit of using the floor sweeper.
  2. Use Quality Cleaning Implements: Better quality implements are more expensive than some items on the market, but that increased price is worth it in the end. This is due to two benefits a company gains from thinking long term. First, any tile floor cleaning machine or scrubber that is substandard might work improperly, leaving slippery floors behind as a peril for workers. Second, higher quality lasts longer. That means when trash spills on the floor, the floor sweeper will be there to be used, instead of missing because it broke the day before.
  3. No Unnecessary Obstacles: That same floor sweeper that prevents a fall when used correctly can cause one if left or stored in a high traffic area. The same danger occurs when anything blocks the walkways in a warehouse or other work environment. If an employee walk through a place of business carrying something that obstructs their ability to see the ground, they should be able to do so without fear of running into a chair or random box.
  4. Insist On Appropriate Footwear: The type of tread on a shoe matters when preventing falls. A slick sole provides no protection against a slippery floor. Shoelaces should be appropriately tied as well, and the failure to follow these rules should see the employee sent home.

Falls in the workplace cannot be entirely prevented, but they can certainly be reduced. Careful planning and these four tips should make that easier.