CO2 Blasting Benefits And Uses


Co2 blasting

Dry ice blasting, also known as CO2 blasting or dry ice cleaning, produces a high temperature, low moisture vapor. The vapor contains only 5 to 6 percent water and is less dense than the air we breathe. Similar to sand blasting, plastic bead blasting or soda blasting where media is accelerated in a pressurized air stream to impact a surface to be cleaned or prepared, carbon dioxide blasting also uses accelerated speeds. However, rather than hard abrasive media ground into a surface, CO2 blasting uses soft dry ice, delivered at extreme speeds, so that it lifts the dirt or other undesired matter off of the surface to be cleaned. It is an efficient, affordable method of increasing cleanliness and sterility, which in turn increases production capability and quality.

One statistic that illustrates the importance of sterility and cleanliness in the success of a business is that 100,000 people die every year from diseases acquired inside US hospitals, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Proper and frequent washing and sterilization are essential; one way to sterilize surgical instruments is with dry ice.

Carbon dioxide is a non-poisonous, liquefied gas. It is inexpensive, safe, and can be stored at works sites. Along with being non-abrasive and nonflammable, CO2 blasting has many benefits.

? It is environmentally positive, containing no solvents or grit media, and meets USDA, FDA and EPA guidelines.
? It is approved for use in the food industry.
? Many items can be cleaned without disassembly.
? It does not damage electrical or mechanical parts.
? It can be used on a wide variety of substances and surfaces, such as contaminants, paints, oils and biofilms.

There are dozens of applications for CO2 blasting, and companies that provide CO2 blasting services may specialize in one or more of them. A few of the most common uses of CO2 blasting are for:

? Paper machine rollers
? Painted Rooms
? Floors, ceilings and walls
? Printing presses
? Plywood presses
? Vats
? Industrial conveyor belt cleaner
? Bake Ovens
? Process Ovens
? Walk-in
? Process tanks
? Mold removal
? Fire damage clean up
? Industrial machinery

CO2 blasting is a faster and more effective method of cleaning than traditional methods, such as solvents, abrasives and steam. There are many benefits and endless applications. The equipment is easy to use, easy to buy or rent, and for huge jobs, dry ice cleaning services can be contracted. If you haven?t yet considered this method, it?s worth looking into. It saves money and time, increases cleanliness and sterility, and is environmentally conscious.