The 4 Benefits to Hiring an Open Office Cleaning Service


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We may not realize it but our offices are dirty place to spend time. It has been estimated that each square inch on a desk can have up to 21,000 germs. The average desk can be the home to ten million bacteria. Businesses lose about $225 billion to the sick leave their workers take. That works out to about $1,685 for each worker. By reducing the bacteria and viruses can reduce the amount of sick leave people take, which can have a very positive on your bottom line. Hiring an open office cleaning services office is one way to get a heathy and clean office.

  1. Open office cleaning services will get your office cleaner than your in house staff ever can. A good cleaning company can make your workspace much healthier. It has been estimated that between 5 and 20% of all people in the United States come down with the flue every year, according to the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Many people contract it though contaminated surface or direct contact with someone who has the flue. Having a facility cleaning company come in and do what they are expert at doing will make your office or business a safer place for people to work and visit.
  2. Your business will look better to clients and customers. When people go to your place of business they will judge your professionalism by how good your office looks. This means, you can give the right impression or the wrong impression of how you do business. Research has shown that people do not want to do business in a dirty office so you can deter people from using your business if they come and your place of business has not been effectively cleaned by an open office cleaning service. The last thing you want to do for your business is make bad first impressions right off the bat. Visitors to your place of business will have a better first impression of your business when you have had it professionally cleaned.
  3. It lets your workers focus more on the workers do the work that they were hired to do. One of the main benefits of hiring a cleaning company is that it will give you more peace of mind. Professional cleaning companies have their own equipment and supplies that are designed specifically designed and made to disinfect spaces such as offices. You will know that you are doing the most for your workers, clients and customers. Your employees will not have to take time out from their actual work to take care of cleaning the office.
  4. You will spend less when you hire an open office cleaning company than if you hire a person for the job. The act of hiring staff is one of the toughest things that business owners have to deal with. You have to put up an add, weed through batches or boxes of resumes, interview candidates and then pay their salaries. It has been estimated that within 45 days as many as 20 of 22% of all new hires have already left their employers. That means taking your time with the hiring process has a real impact on your bottom line. Hiring an open office cleaning services company can save you the headache and the money that you would spend on the hiring process.


When you look at the different types of cleaning services, you can take protecting your employees’ health a step further by going with a green cleaning company. This can be important because some of the products used in cleaning can have a negative impact on the air quality in your business. The problems with the use of cleaning products when you go with a service that uses green products that are very effective at disinfecting your office space.

Most open office cleaning services companies can also help people in your workspace who suffer from asthma and allergies very effectively. All of these reasons should be considered when you are thinking about hiring a cleaning service company to clean your office and keep it clean in the future.