Everything to Know About Becoming an Electrician


In this video, you will learn about residential electricians. If you are considering becoming an electrician, this video is perfect for you. This video discusses salaries, jobs, education requirements, and more! Defining what an electrician is is an important first step.

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An electrician is certified to make sure that building electrician work is maintained and updated to ensure everyone’s safety. Residential and commercial buildings all need electricians to make sure that their electrical is up-to-date and in order. Without electricians, there could be issues with internet, power, or worst case scenario- an electrical fire. Keep in mind that becoming an electrician is dangerous work. People can die in the field which is why it is important that you have the proper training and certifications before you can begin work. Becoming an electrician is also very demanding. The job requires moving around. It is also likely that you will be commuting from place to place. The next thing that is discussed in the video is the education requirements for an electrician. According to labor statistics, 59% of licensed electricians have a high school diploma. Keep watching this video for more information.