Green Cleaning for Offices is Here, and it Works


Office building cleaning services

Green or environmentally friendly office cleaning is an idea whose time has come. Most people are aware that green and eco friendly cleaning supplies are better for their health and that they’re just as effective as regular cleaning products. Especially for people with kids or pets, ecofriendly products that don’t use harsh chemicals are a good choice. It’s time to take green cleaning to the next stage, and commercial office cleaning companies are making the change.

What are the benefits of cleaning with green products?
Green cleaning products don’t use harsh chemicals to clean. The chemicals used in ordinary household cleaners can give off toxic fumes that can lead to health problems like headaches and dizziness. Because they use gentle, non-toxic and natural cleaning agents, green products are healthier for the people and pets in the home.
Another major advantage of cleaning with green products is that when they go through the waste cycle or the garbage, they’re not adding more toxic chemicals to the environment. They’re made up of natural, biodegradable materials that won’t pollute the soil and groundwater at the end of their life cycle.

Going green for your office cleaning services
The next step in green cleaning for a healthier environment is to extend it to office and commercial buildings. Some people might think that because green products are natural and gentle, they’re not effective. We’re happy to report that this is just a myth. In fact, green cleaners are as effective as ordinary chemical cleaners. And they have the advantage of making the environment healthier indoors and out.
Office cleaning companies are taking green cleaning to the next stage, using ecofriendly products for commercial buildings as well. It makes offices more pleasant and healthier places to work. Commercial cleaning companies are recognizing the benefits of green cleaning and switching to ecofriendly products.

Your office could use a good cleaning
There’s no doubt about it, offices are messy, germy places. Researchers have found that the average office desk is home to more than 10 million bacteria, while your seemingly-innocent keyboard is home to 7,500 organisms. Nearly all, or 99%, of office workers are affected by major or minor contagious diseases. This is due to lack of cleaning of office spaces. Overall, health-related losses cost U.S. employers over $260 billion annually.
This makes offices a merry-go-round of infections, leading to high rates of absenteeism. A variation on absenteeism is ‘presenteeism’, when workers are physically present in the office but unable to perform at their best because of illness. Combined losses from absenteeism and presenteeism are estimated by researchers to be around $227 billion each year. Commercial office cleaning can help solve many of these problems.

Business cleaning services are turning green and ecofriendly. If your commercial office cleaning service isn’t using green products yet, a few gentle hints might be in order. Or you could consider switching to another business cleaning service that does use green products.