3 Suggestions for Improving Your Company’s Signage


Full color led signs

The statistics are in regarding signs: about 35% of people would not have arrived at a business if it wasn?t for their sign. Studies have also shown that even just upgrading to a larger sign can increase in-store revenue by 7.7% — an important number for places that rely on walk-in business.

So: what can you do to make your sign more effective, whether it?s a church marquee sign or LED business signs? Here are a few suggestions.

Potential Sign Elements

What should you have in your sign, if it?s not just the name of your business? Popular additions include slogans, call to actions, and Twitter handles. Call to actions are psychological tools used to encourage people to take action NOW rather than passively waiting to do it later. ?Call us now for more information? or ?stop in today for a free quote? would count as call to actions, for example.


There are a lot of ?tricks? you can employ in order to make sure your sign is easier to read from a distance. Studies have shown, for example, that it?s easier for people to read san-serif fonts from further away. This includes fonts like Arial and Comic Sans. Fonts like Times New Roman are professional looking but more appropriate for in-person reading. It?s good to have a mixture of upper and lowercase letters — this is easier for most people to read than all capitals, even if it seems like all capitals would make more sense for distance. Most estimates say that for every foot of distance, you should add an inch to the word — a sign that is read from 12 feet away, then, should be a foot high, et cetera.

Consider Digital Commercial Business Signs

Why go digital? Thanks to LED lights, lighting a sign doesn?t need to be an expensive overhead anymore — and the reality is that digital signs are more likely to attract a consumer?s eye than a plane sign. Outdoor LED displays are especially important for businesses that often rely on customers coming by after daylight hours, whether it?s a restaurant, liquor store or nail salon.

At the end of the day, nearly 70% of consumers have agreed that they have opted in for a service or bought a product just because a sign happened to catch their eye. Commercial business signs are one way you can put a new pep in your company’s step. Helpful links.