Why the Design of Your Trade Show Booth Matters


Exhibit booth design

Your product could be a top-of-the-line, industry-changing, ground-breaking creation, but without the proper exposure, how will we ever know?

Besides marketing campaigns, trade shows are vital to getting your product out there. The average company allocates 31.6% of its total marketing budget to events, and over $24 billion is spent annually by U.S. Exhibitors for trade show displays. To be a competitor in the marketplace, you will need to step it up when it comes to America’s favorite corporate event: the trade show.

Your trade show exhibit display needs to be three things: Informative, eye-catching, and engaging.

Informative: Your brand has a message, and your product has a purpose. How well can you articulate your company’s mission? Your exhibit booth design must highlight your brand’s personality and purpose, so that viewers can understand without verbal explanation. The average U.S. trade show visitor spends around nine and a half hours viewing exhibits. If she can’t pick up on your message right away, she will move on to the next.

Eye-catching: There are approximately 2.2 trade show visitors for every 100 square feet of exhibit space. The venue is crowded, and your trade show exhibit display can easily blend in. However, with help from a booth design company, your display can stand out above the rest with carefully planned design that radiates professionalism and intrigue. Graphic design marketing specialists are experts in creating aesthetically pleasing work that catches the eye, and are happy to work with you to create perfect custom exhibits that truly personify your individual brand.

Engaging The customer experience is a vital component to the success of any business. When you create an exhibit that engages with potential consumers, you are demonstrating that you care about the customer experience, that the customer is important to you. One way of achieving this is by creating an interactive exhibit design, one that makes the viewer feel something. When the viewer becomes part of the exhibit, he feels like a part of the company even if just for a moment. This bond will create a memory that makes the viewer more likely to choose your product before others.