All The Tips For Green Cleaning

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Green janitorial services

A survey was conducted in the year of 2015 by the United States Department of the Interior cleaning industry. This survey was conducted amongst business owners and facility managers. They were asked questions about the cleaning services that they hired and the results are astonishing. Here are all of the tips for green cleaning.

One of the results of this survey revealed that 14% of all business owners were dissatisfied with the overall facilities maintenance services that they received. A second result that came from this survey revealed that 12% of all business owners were not happy with the way their public restrooms were stocked and cleaned. Finally, this survey also revealed that 31% of all owners believed that the custodial services and office cleaning services did not meet their needs an

How to Boost Employee Productivity With Office Cleaning Services

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Janitorial services fresno ca

If there is anything that businesses have come to learn about their employees in recent decades, it is that they work harder if they are happier and more comfortable. There are actually a multitude of ways to improve employee content as well as boost morale.

Some companies may hold team building events and workshops, while others try to change the layouts of office spaces to give it a more social, communal atmosphere. And there is no denying that these can be very effective tools for some businesses.

However, what many people fail to realize, is how big of an impact the cleanliness of an office can have on employee performance. Given that most employees are typically busy at all hours of their work day, they often don?t have the time to clean up after themselves.

In fact, roughly