Green janitorial services

A survey was conducted in the year of 2015 by the United States Department of the Interior cleaning industry. This survey was conducted amongst business owners and facility managers. They were asked questions about the cleaning services that they hired and the results are astonishing. Here are all of the tips for green cleaning.

One of the results of this survey revealed that 14% of all business owners were dissatisfied with the overall facilities maintenance services that they received. A second result that came from this survey revealed that 12% of all business owners were not happy with the way their public restrooms were stocked and cleaned. Finally, this survey also revealed that 31% of all owners believed that the custodial services and office cleaning services did not meet their needs and they were not satisfied.

The results of this survey point to some of the obvious tips for green cleaning. If you are a business owner and you plan on hiring green cleaning services, then you need to hire a reliable company. Sure, this probably sounds funny from the outside looking in but take a look at those survey results again and it is very clear that there are plenty of green cleaning services that fail to satisfy those who hire them.

One of the really important tips for green cleaning involves the type of chemicals used. It is important to understand that a dirty desk can potentially contain up to 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Yeah, that is right, a desk that is uncleaned can be dirtier than a toilet seat. This is why understanding the tips for green cleaning is incredibly important for business owners.

Keeping the office space clean is essential because a recent poll revealed that 100% of all employees believe that they might catch a virus at work. However, it is also incredibly important to make sure the cleaning products used in your office do not make this situation worse. Understand that indoor environments are two to five times more toxic than the outdoor environment. This directly stems from the dangerous chemicals included in standard cleaning products.

Just about 80% of all cancers are attributed to environmental rather than genetic factors. This includes the exposure to carcinogenic chemicals and these types of chemicals are often found inside of household cleaning products. So one of the big tips for green cleaning is to make sure you are using safe chemicals to clean your workplace.

Indoor pollution levels have been proven to be 100 times higher than outdoor air pollution levels, according to estimates from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. There are 17,000 petrochemicals available for home and office use, only 30% of which have been tested for exposure to human health and the environment. Make sure the cleaning services you hire are using the right kinds of products.

Just about 3% of the global burden of disease comes directly from indoor air pollution and that is where the real danger from chemicals in cleaning products comes from. Just about one-third of all people responding to a poll said that their dirtiest items are keyboards and phones within the office space. So this is just another one of the many tips for green cleaning when it comes to keeping an office clean.

In Conclusion

Every year, business owners across the United States end up unhappy with their current cleaning service situation. Make sure that you hire a great green cleaning service that will be reliable and will work hard to meet your needs. This means that they should be in constant communication with you and furthermore, they should always be trying to find out how to do a better job!