2 Important Tips for PEOs to Keep Their Clients Happy

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employee self service softwareIf you’re working as a PEO service provider, you might find it difficult to keep your clients happy at all times. These are complicated times and you’re working in a complicated industry. However, if you remain focused, stay committed to your clients, and take advantage of all the opportunities available to you, then you’ll enjoy plenty of success as you provide HR benefit assistance to your clients.

Of course, no matter what you do, some clients might be feeling anxiety because of the uncertain political climate, especially with so much healthcare and tax policy TBD. Here are a few things that PEO service providers should keep in mind to keep clients happy.

Take Advantage of Employee Self Service Software
You can’t control what happens in Washington, D.C., but you can control your customer experience. If you’re not utilizing top-of-the-line software for your organization, you could soon be on the wrong end of the business. Although there are only a few hundred PEOs across the country, that makes it more important to offer superior service. If you aren’t providing the best employee self service software and similar programs, your clients could very well find assistance elsewhere.

That’s why in 2016, at the PrismHR LIVE conference, new Benefits Enrollment and Time and Labor modules were released in front of an audience of nearly 500 people, up 66% from the previous year’s attendance.

“PEOs and ASOs that use PrismHR are always looking for more ways to add value for their clients and increase their efficiency,” said Gary Noke, President and CEO of the company. “Now with the next generation of Benefits Enrollment and a new offering for Time and labor, we’re delivering additional ways to make that possible.”

By using the latest HR compliance software and employee self service software for your PEO, you’ll be able to save time, improve the accuracy of your service, and provide innovate new ways to help your clients manage the various aspects of their business such as labor and HR.

Show, Don’t Tell, Your Clients How You’re Helping
Even though you are doing plenty of work for your clients, they might not always realize it. You are taking care of plenty of the bureaucratic aspects of business, but you should spend some time showing your clients exactly what you’re doing on their behalf. Your clients could be unaware of just how much you’re helping them. When you demonstrate all the benefits your PEO offers, they’ll quickly become appreciative.

Show them how their organization would function without your professional assistance. Tell them that without your PEO’s help, they would likely be two times busier than they already are. In addition to everything they already have to worry about, they’d have to handle every aspect of payroll, worry about benefits, wrangle with regulations, and waste time on plenty of other essential HR details. The employee turnover rate for PEO clients is actually 10% to 15% lower per year than it is for comparable companies in the United States. Don’t let your clients take you for granted.

You’re fully aware of how hard your PEO is working for your clients, but they might not be. It’s time to show them. If you want to learn more about self service HR, payroll, and benefits software, contact PrismHR today.

8 Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover and Improve Your Bottom Line

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Employee retention is a serious issue. Nearly 57% of American organizations say this. Poor performance and issues with temperament are the reasons that nearly 22% of new hires leave within 45 days. There are ways to keep employees happy and with a company for longer than a month and a half. Talent acquisition management firms list the following ways employers can keep their staffs. Many are surprised to hear that it really is not about the money for most American workers. People stay in jobs where they are happy, not just well compensated.

  1. Make a work life balance something you really care about. People like to wo

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Finding good quality employees, especially on talent to fill strategic and management roles, can be a tough challenge. Hiring the wrong person to sit behind the steering wheel of a company can cost it dearly.

Good talent is worth its weight in gold, regardless of the employment market that you are in. This was true during the Great Recession, when a single job opening easily attracted hundreds of applicants, and it is true today. The quantity of resumes that you have coming in for a single open management position does not give you your pick of candidates you want running your company. If anything, it just makes your process of interviewing and vetting good candidates to fill executive position more difficult.

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While more than half of American business owners report a strong commitment to employee retention, the soaring costs of training — and high employee turnover — have many businesses left wondering what they can do to increase employee satisfaction and to inspire long term employee commitment. About one-third of all small business owners report that staffing is their top priority, and executive HR search firms across the country are being tasked to provide highly-skilled employees who are also looking for long term positions.

Outsourcing HR and IT positions is not always a desirable option for small business owners: having a full-time, onsite HR professional who can address employee concerns and make adjustments in payroll and insurance policies can be essential for businesses of any size. Making