Four Reasons Companies Use Professional Executive Recruiters


Human resource staffing

Finding good quality employees, especially on talent to fill strategic and management roles, can be a tough challenge. Hiring the wrong person to sit behind the steering wheel of a company can cost it dearly.

Good talent is worth its weight in gold, regardless of the employment market that you are in. This was true during the Great Recession, when a single job opening easily attracted hundreds of applicants, and it is true today. The quantity of resumes that you have coming in for a single open management position does not give you your pick of candidates you want running your company. If anything, it just makes your process of interviewing and vetting good candidates to fill executive position more difficult.

For this reason, many companies are turning to HR executive recruiters for talent acquisition management services. HR executive recruiters are far different than a staffing firm, that digs up temporary work for you, HR executive recruiters find the kind of management candidates that often become the driving factor that makes a business successful. There are many reasons that the services provided by HR executive recruiters is becoming a necessity in the corporate world, but the four main reasons that companies hire HR executive search firms to fill executive staff openings include:

  1. The savings of time. Receiving hundreds of resumes for one critical position often does more hassle than good. The work of scrutinizing each applicant and trying to identify not only who is best qualified, but who best fits the particular role and the company’s culture, just from what they present on the piece of paper, is a labor-intensive job. Making the wrong choice and hiring a candidate that is not right for the company’s strategic directions costs the company unquantifiable amounts of money; thousands upon thousands of dollars.

    The value of using an executive recruiter agency is not having to expend the time resources required to make the right choice. These firms use their expertise in the field of identifying talent to connect with potential candidates and get a feel for the best qualified applicants; sometimes they even drive out talent that wouldn’t have applied otherwise. This alleviates the burden and the time devotion that officials for the company would have to spend trying to make the decision themselves.

  2. Executive recruiters attract better options. There is a chance that the perfect candidate is simultaneously actively looking for a job, will notice your job posting, and proactively apply for it. However, often, the best executive-level talent is already thriving in their current position, and are not even looking for a job. Executive staff recruiters make connections with people like this and so that when their is a match made in heaven available, the opportunity can be presented to them, even if they did not even know they could be happier at your company.
  3. Guidance from start to finish. An executive recruiter partners with the company who is looking to fill a management position throughout the entire process: not only do they recruit quality candidates that the company would never have the opportunity to consider otherwise, they also lend their expertise throughout interviewing and hiring process, and even during the transition and on-boarding process. This not only makes the transition go smoothly, it helps the company get a great candidate onsite, working their magic faster.
  4. A unique perspective. Company officials often work in silos. They know their own company inside and out, but they don’t have an understanding of the employment market space, or even how other companies within their industry function. On the other hand, executive recruiters have eyes on the entire market, and had insight on what comparable companies are doing, and their management process. This type of information is incredibly valuable to companies who use professional executive recruiters.

Yes, it is possible to find the perfect talent for a strategic role in a company without using an executive recruiting agency. It is also possible to pass the bar without a law degree. However, it often costs the hiring company time resources, the potential for attracting the best talent, and the seamless transitions and unique perspective that only comes through partnering with an executive recruiting professional.