Why You Should Use Wood Floor Trusses For Your Next Job


If you want floors that don’t bounce like a trampoline and last as long as you have a roof over your head, all you need is prefabricated wooden floor trusses. A prefabricated wood truss is constructed with metal connector plates using precision computer software. This creates a strong and reliable floor.

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They’re easy to install and they’ve been around since the 1970s.

These trusses can support concentrated loads and span great distances without needing to use a center support beam. Your contractors will love you because they’ll have so much space to work in. By using floor trusses, you can avoid using interior load-bearing walls, allowing for an open floor plan and easier renovations.

Floor trusses have diagonal supports which allow for more space for plumbing pipes, electrical cables, and other mechanical systems. By creating more space, you’ll save money spent on contractors because you’re actively making their job easier and more efficient.

Because wood floor trusses are cut to size for the home being built, you’ll save money and end up reducing the amount of waste on your build.