Why Do Managers Refer Employees to Occupational Health?


What is occupational health for? Their role is to support employees and employers with well-being in their workflow, in both the physical and mental sense. Without these services, many people would be taking additional sick days, or even losing their jobs. Physical and mental health are extremely important for everyone in the workplace to maintain; we can’t function individually or as a group without these.

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Occupational health is there to help in whatever way possible. Managers often refer employees to occupational health for a number of reasons; this is not an exhaustive list, but these reasons are the most common ones.

The first is long or frequent short-term sicknesses. They may also give an employee a referral after a planned surgery, whenever it becomes appropriate to do so. If an employee reports feelings of stress, this is also an opportunity for the manager to refer them to occupational health for an assessment — even if the source is from the employee’s personal life. Any employees suffering mental health conditions will also get a referral to occupational health. Lastly, employees will get referred to occupational health if they’ve been medically suspended, or before they return back to work.