Why Conducting Regular OSHA Certified Fall Protection Training Is Key


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Do you run a business where your employees are at risk of falling and injuring themselves? Sometimes this involves various types of businesses, not just construction or other industrial types of work. As a business owner or manager you know the importance of keeping your workforce safe from harm, and there are many ways to do this. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Fall Protection Training – One of the best things you can do as a business owner or manager is to make sure your employees are properly trained. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (known as OSHA) promotes a three step process to encourage fall protection and ultimately save lives. Their steps are: plan, provide, and train. Have regular fall protection certification opportunities for your employees so that they know exactly how to take care of themselves while on the job.

2. Fall Protection Equipment – Another way to keep your workforce safe is to purchase and use fall protection equipment like nets, rigging hardware, and wire rope slings. When you empower your employees to use equipment like this you are setting them up for success. Studies show that without the proper fall protection equipment, a person can fall up to seven feet in only two-thirds of a second. Make sure that your employees are equipped with the fall protection safety gear they truly need.

3. Safety and Wellness Promotion – Last, but certainly not least, you can keep your employees focused on safety and wellness by making it a focus of your organization. Offer incentives for employees who complete certain safety certifications or wellness benchmarks. Encourage your teams to find ways to internally promote safety so that it becomes commonplace to all employees. Overall in the United States, worker injuries and illnesses are down to 3.4 per 100 people as of a study conducted in 2011. See if you can set your own records in your organization!

When you create a safe workplace your employees are happier and feel more taken care of. You can do this by conducting regular fall protection training, using the correct and up to date fall protection equipment, and promoting safety and wellness overall throughout your organization. If you aren’t sure how you are currently doing with the promotion of safety and wellness just ask your managers and line level employees. They will be honest with you and you will be a better business owner or supervisor for it.