What You Need to Know about Industrial Machinery Parts Replenishment


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According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 15 billion tons of cargo transported by truck throughout the country each year, and that number is estimated to jump to almost 19 billion tons by 2040. This estimate is based on the current growth within the industry and expected growth based on growing demand.

There are over 12 million trucks, rail cars, vessels, and planes that work to provide prompt delivery of machinery, parts, electronics, vehicles, and more. The logistics industry is what manages the flow of shipments in and out of companies. Logistics oversees the products, where they are at all times, the timeline in which they need to be delivered.

Industrial machinery parts replenishment is an important aspect of the logistics industry because companies depend on the parts they need arriving on the timeline they anticipate to ensure they never completely run out of the parts they need, which would stop production.

Parts replenishment is dependent on three factors; the company ordering the parts, the company manufacturing the parts, and the shipping company delivering the parts. The company ordering the replacement parts needs to make sure they are ordering them in enough time to ensure they can arrive before the supplies run out.

Given that the parts were ordered in a timely manner, the company that manufactures the parts needs to make sure the parts are prepared in the quantity needed and packaged up for shipping to reach their destination on time. Finally, trucking company has to make sure the shipment is picked up from the parts manufacturer on time and delivered to the company that ordered them on time.

Logistics software allows all parties to track the parts in real time, so that everyone knows where they are in the process and what the next step is in the process of industrial machinery parts replenishment.

In some cases, the parts will be considered specialty freight and require specialty freight services, oversize freight services, or expedited shipping services. Sometimes industrial machinery parts are quite large requiring special trucking equipment.

The cost of shipping industrial machinery parts is dependent on a wide array of factors that will be unique to the company, the parts, and the distance the parts have to travel. Having an effective logistics system in place is what makes the most significant difference in ensuring everything is where it needs to be when it is needed.
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