What You Need To Know About Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods


Solving contractual disputes, employment discrimination cases, commercial litigation, lender liability, and bankruptcy issues in a court of law can sometimes be challenging. This is very evident in the time taken to conclude those cases. Whether it is a lender liability dispute or asbestos liability case. For instance, one has to go through hiring a lawyer who is well-versed in lender liability laws. In that regard, there is the responsibility of paying attorney fees. These fees can be very high depending on the attorney you will hire. Getting a competent lawyer in lender liability law or any legal issue you face can also be a challenge. You cannot dispute that there has been an ever-increasing number of law firms and lawyers. Unfortunately, you cannot trust any lawyer that you come across.

So, choosing a reputable lawyer will require you to go an extra mile in terms of research. You will have to rely on consultations, client reviews, and testimonials to know which of the best law firms or lawyers you can have over working on your case. You deserve to receive unwavering support and legal representation from your lawyer. So, hiring any lawyer will not be the right idea. Take your time and ensure you hire someone well-versed in the lender liability case you face.

Instead of solving your case in a court of law, you can opt for an alternative dispute resolution method. This includes using resolution tactics such as mediation, negotiation, and arbitration. These strategies come with a significant number of benefits. The benefits include:

Less Stress

The process of hiring an attorney is very stressful, let alone having to attend court proceedings. When your case has to go to the appellate court, that means more time for attending court. It would help if you also were prepared to pay your attorney fees. Therefore, it will be a very tiresome undertaking. Fortunately, you can prevent such an occurrence by using alternative dispute resolution methods. For instance, by bringing on board a mediator, you might find a concrete solution to the lender liability case without having to face the jury or attending court proceedings. Therefore, it will save you the stress of hiring a lawyer and occasionally attending court.

But before hiring a mediator, you have to ensure you are very careful. The number of people opting for mediation keeps on increasing. And that has tremendously increased institutions and individuals who provide mediation services. You, therefore, have to be at the forefront in ensuring you hire a competent mediator that will listen to both parties and arrive at a win-win resolution.

Save Time

Court proceedings are not only tiring but also take up a lot of time. This will interfere with your daily life schedule. You will need to plan very well on when you are supposed to attend court. To be honest, that will rob you off some valuable time that would have been spent on other important matters such as attending to your career obligations. However, through mediation and arbitration, there is no need for court. You will call in a mediator to come and resolve your differences. This is a very great way of reaching the concussion of a case without creating more chaos and conflicts. The mediator will allow every party to tell their story before deciding on the matter. In fact the mediator does a lot of facilitation to arrive at a sober resolution of the case.

Cost effective

It can get expensive to pay attorney fees. Obviously, attorneys have different rate cards. But the longer your case stays in court, the higher the attorney fees you will have to pay. But through ADR methods, you can cut on costs. You can resolve your case without hiring a lawyer or going to court. Therefore, you will not have to deal with high legal fees.


Alternative dispute resolution methods have brought ease when it comes to resolving cases. In fact, it allows for conflicting parties to share their stories, get to be heard, and justice is served after thorough analysis. Usually, an expert in mediation or arbitration is sought to come and oversee the entire process. For that reason, there is no payment of huge attorney fees.