How to Become a Bail Agent


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A bail agent are important conduits between defendants, their families, and the courts. But what do they actually do? Read on to see how a bail bondsman gets their client out of jail and receives payment.

The first step is when the defendant’s family or the defendant, themselves, contacts the bail bondsman. Get all of the defendant’s information: name, DOB, and where they were arrested. Once you have that information you will call the jail and get the bond amount.

After you get the bond amount, you will contact the defendant or their family and explain to them your 10% charge. It will be 10% of whatever the bond is. For example, they will need to pay you $1,000 for a $10,000 bond.

Once you have the money, you will go to the police station to post the bond. Your defendant will be released. It is your job after this to make sure the defendant shows up to court, otherwise you will be charged the $10,000.

Bail bondsmen must be available 24 hours to make a living and be able to keep tabs on the defendants who they’ve essentially insured. It’s a rigorous job, but one that can make someone very cash-rich if they have what it takes.