What Tools Should Your Plumbing Service Have?


If you are starting a plumbing business or joining one after recently becoming certified, you may be curious about the tools you should have as a plumbing service. Identifying the tools to use on the job is the best way to help your clients. Here are a few key tools to keep on hand.

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You’ll need a few different types of wrenches, and they vary depending on what job you are going out for. You should have a pipe, basin, and adjustable wrench. These will help you with loosening stubborn bolts and accessing pipes.

You’ll also need a faucet key if you are doing any work on sinks to make sure you don’t do any damage with an ill-fitting tool. No matter what job you are on, you should carry a tape measure. You’ll also need a level to make sure that any installations are completed evenly, and any drains you’re repairing are actually draining properly.

This video shares some more tools you’ll need on the job as a plumber. Don’t skimp out when preparing a tool kit for yourself or for a business. Call a supplier or stop by in-store to get the best equipment and make your clients happy.