What To Do if You Think Youre Going Bankrupt


In this video, Troy openly shares his financial journey, navigating full-time work, raising young children, and recovering from bankruptcy. Despite unexpected medical bills and $22,000 in remaining debt under his Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, Troy remains optimistic about his ability to achieve financial stability. Recognizing the need to enhance budgeting skills, especially after recent financial setbacks, Troy emphasizes the importance of creating a comprehensive financial plan.

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Troy, along with his wife, acknowledges their struggle with budgeting and seeks solutions to overcome these challenges. Despite facing ongoing debt and monthly bankruptcy payments, Troy believes in the power of financial literacy and effective money management. He encourages others in similar situations to focus on building successful careers and taking control of their finances. Troy suggests valuable resources such as Financial Peace University and the EveryDollar app to aid in budgeting and financial planning.

As the video progresses, Troy shares his aspirations of increasing his income to $100,000 annually, starting with volunteer firefighting and exploring future opportunities in law enforcement or firefighting. In a subsequent section, he offers practical tips for those recovering from bankruptcy in the Kansas area, emphasizing the importance of pursuing a successful career, setting goals, and leveraging tools like Financial Peace University and EveryDollar for effective financial management. Troy’s narrative underscores the significance of financial education and disciplined money practices in achieving long-term financial well-being and helping to prevent individuals from going bankrupt.