What to Consider When Selecting an Executive Staffing Agency


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The ability of a company to retain quality employees plays an important role in that business’s ability to be profitable. Troubling news considering 57% of organizations view employee retention as a problem. One solution to improve retention rates lies in the suitableness of each candidate since 22% leave within 45 days. Executive hr search firms can greatly assist in this area, but it can be difficult decide which firm to employ for talent acquisition. When examining executive hr search firms, here are five questions to consider.

  1. Qualifying Candidates: Examine the methods employed by executive staffing agencies to see how they determine the needs of each position. Are the comprehensive and accurate? Furthermore, how does the firm then identify suitable individuals? Some executive staffing agencies rely entirely on job boards while depend mostly on a large network of contacts, or some mix of the two.
  2. Who Exactly Will Manage An Account: The ability of a human resources consultant determines the suitableness of the candidates presented to a company. Any recruiter must meet the standards of professionalism of a company, and possess credibility within the field in which they are seeking talent. Otherwise, their search will come to nothing.
  3. Industry Knowledge: Often, an executive placement agency will have specific industries that they focus on in particular. This focus can lead to more targeted candidates. For example, with a firm that focuses on Tech companies, they will have a greater understanding of the needs and requirements of the positions they are fulfilling. Furthermore, when filling such highly specific roles, they will have a larger network of potential candidates that meet the needs of that specific role.
  4. Basic Metrics: What might seem slightly obvious often is overlooked when examing a placement agency. What is the average length of time to fill a role? What is their rate of completion? How long do the new hires they source stay with their new employers? All of these questions should influence your decision.
  5. Current Work Load: Ascertain whether or not this firm really has the ability to dedicate the time and effort that necessary to your searches. A firm that is highly skilled does you no good if they do not have the time for new clients.

Selecting between executive hr search firms to manage the search for new employees is a more efficient prospect for companies than managing that search themselves. However, this initial selection does take some research and careful vetting. These five points will help along the way.