What Should You Look for in a Liquor Store POS System?


If you’re looking at liquor store POS systems, there are a few key features you need to keep your eyes open for. Liquor store POS systems need to be able to meet a few special requirements that most other small businesses don’t have to worry about. Let’s review a few of the top features to look for when you need a POS system for your liquor store.

First, age verification is one of the most important things your POS system needs to be able to tackle. Without accurate age verification, you won’t be able to make responsible sales to your customers.

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Selling to underage customers is a huge risk that liquor store owners face. Having a POS system that can help you ensure you’re following the law can help take some of that pressure off of your plate.

Cash discounting is another great feature that you should keep your eyes open for. Instead of paying a fee for every credit card transaction, a POS system that offers cash discounting can pass that fee onto your customers. Not only does this save you a bit of money, but it can also incentivize your customers to pay with cash to save both of you the trouble of credit card processing fees.