Advantages of Using Electronic Church Signs


Are you wondering how your house of worship can benefit from having electronic church signs? One of the most apparent advantages is that it can aid your congregation in recruiting new church members. With 35% of people not knowing about a business had it not been for their signage, you won’t have to face difficulties making your parish discovered by the community.

Nowadays, many religious institutions are seeing a decrease in their members as a result of various factors. Successful youth services, sermons, and religious missions aren’t always enough to keep your loyal following from slowly declining in numbers. Or you might not face this dilemma, but you’re stuck with the same number and don’t know how to increase the figure.

Including electronic church signs in your publicity campaign can provide you with several advantages:

Attracts Public Attention

Due to their bright and stylish colored lights, electronic signs are more efficient than their traditional counterpart at attracting the community’s attention. Most people nowadays have a tendency to disregard dull, old-fashioned signs. Even if you have a meaningful Bible passage to share, it will not be remembered unless written attractively.

Digital signs provide churches with the flexibility of changing or adding to the display with great ease. You won’t have to clumsily redo the whole signage because it will be easy to change it and enjoy the revised layout right away.

Day or night, LED signs can attract the attention of passersby with their bright colors and lights – delivering God’s message stylishly and memorably.

Displays the Service and Worship Schedule

Outdoor church signs work in a lot of ways. Not only do they make your church more approachable, but they can also be informative to the existing and future members of your house of worship. Another aspect of church marquee signs is the decorative appeal it adds to your place of prayer.

In these modern times, it’ll be easy for the community to overlook your religious activities and even the days and times of worship if your church doesn’t have any signage outside. Having electronic church signs to display important information will capture the community’s attention and other passersby – informing them of these crucial schedules for prayer and other services.

Displaying the worship and service schedules on electronic signs can encourage your existing parish members and the other people in the community to attend your church services. This way, it’ll be easier to entice the people to enter the church and add more figures to your regular churchgoers.

Announces Crucial Information

Apart from displaying your worship and service schedules, electronic signs can also announce news and events to the community. You can also use it to publicize your contact information for easy accessibility to the public.

In fact, 26% of respondents in a recent poll noted a phone number displayed on an outdoor billboard, while 28% of them took note of the website address. As such, you can use LED signs to convey crucial information about your church to the general public.

To top it off, 58% of respondents in another poll aged 18 years or older found out about an event they were interested in joining from a billboard. If your church often provides retreats, recollections, Bible service, or other religious events targeted at the young generation, you’ll greatly benefit from an outdoor church sign.

Relays Bible Quotes Easily

Traditional signage can be costly and time-consuming, especially with thousands of Bible verses and quotes to share with the public. Even though it may appear to be a simple task, replacing the letters one by one daily can be tedious.

Some people might consider it a necessary sacrifice. But if you use electronic church signs, you can spend the time and energy on other church activities instead.

With LED signs, you can quickly and effortlessly change the Bible quotes in a few minutes. It’s also possible to have images appear in conjunction with the verses or other relevant information.

Convey the Lord’s Message Without a Hitch

Digital signs are truly efficient in broadcasting messages not just for businesses and schools but also for religious institutions. Outdoor electronic signs for churches can effectively communicate critical information regarding various church events, youth activities, and service schedules. You’ll also have a better chance of gaining more parish members – contributing to the success of your church.