What Its Like Being a Plumber


Plumbers are an essential trade that many people will need to call at some point. Whether a faucet is leaking or a pipe burst, there are many different reasons a person would need to call a plumber. In this video, you will learn what a typical day looks like for a plumber and what they do at certain jobs.

Video Source

For this video, the plumber was tasked with multiple different jobs at one house. This may happen as a plumber because usually if there’s one problem in the house, there may be more. Some of the tasks this plumber has to do are replace the outside hose, the kitchen faucet, and put a stop tap on the person’s washing machine.

One thing about residential plumbing is that you could work at multiple houses in one day. But, for this plumber, he worked at one spot for a long time so he probably could only visit one other house after that.

Continue watching the video to see how he actually fixed and replaced some of the faucets and pipes in the house. It’s pretty interesting watching how the water works in a house and may be helpful for you if you have a problem in the future.