Tips for Starting a Roofing Company with Little Money


This video is to inform viewers on how to start a roofing company with little to no money. Starting a business or a company can be very rewarding and put a good income in your pocket once you get the hang of it. Many people think and believe that you must have a lot of money in your bank to start a business but this is simply not true.

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Starting a business with no money can be successful if you do a great amount of research, planning, and working towards an ultimate business goal. Overall, you want to make sure you are supplementing the work you are doing for the money when starting a roofing company with no money.

There are many ways to start a roofing company without a lot of money. Some of the things you can do is getting a side-gig to get by instead of a job, setting up your salary/minimum wage, focusing on small requests and tickets, getting an office space fast, staying away from subcontracting, putting 5% in marketing, and wrap your vehicle in said advertising quickly. These are great ways to start your roofing company with no money because you can do many of these tasks from the comfort of your own home, like using it for an office space. Also, many social media platforms are free and easy to use so they can be used to market your business.