Water Treatment Services From Groundwater Monitoring to Remediation


Water is one of our most valuable resources. Just three percent of the water on this planet, however, is fresh water. It’s also been determined that only one percent of this water is safe enough for drinking. In the United States, for example, 95% of the country’s fresh water comes from ground water. This is also the primary drinking water source for 50% of the United States’ population.

The Adverse Effects of Industrial Waste

Unfortunately, a large percentage of industrial waste is dumped into the planet’s waterways, oceans, and other bodies of water. Recent data indicates that this amounts to approximately 70% of the world’s total industrial waste. As a result, these bodies of water become polluted and the water supply is adversely affected. Furthermore, the nearby ground water also becomes severely contaminated. This is the case at more than 80% of the United States’ most hazardous waste sites.

While some of the industrial waste is dumped intentionally, accidents also account for a large percentage of these toxic chemicals spilling into the environment. Every year, there are roughly 16,000 chemical spills that occur. It’s important to note that these spills usually happen when chemicals are in the process of being transferred from trucks, trains, and storage tanks. Other spills occur during traffic and other types of accidents.

How Wastewater Is Treated

In order to remove pollutants, wastewater receives a primary and secondary treatment. This two-step process is able to remove approximately 85% to 95% of the pollutants found in wastewater. Following these treatments, wastewater is then disinfected prior to being released into local waterways.

Learn More about Water Treatment Systems

In order to address groundwater pollution and related issues, water treatment systems are available. When ground water is believed to be contaminated, or runs the risk of being contaminated, then obtaining monitoring and remediation services is vital. Since the type of water treatment systems needed will vary and depend upon the circumstances involved, it’s important to contact an environmental remediation company. Once you communicate with these professionals, they will be able to provide you with the equipment rentals or services that are required.