Virtual Office SetupWelcome to the New Frontier


Executive office suites

Virtual jobs are becoming more and more popular these days. The ability to work virtually has created a vast new plane of both jobs and employees that never existed before. Stay at home parents can now make a good living for their families while being at home and available to care for their children. Companies can hire workers who will be available to work no matter what the weather conditions, and will have more time to devote to the job because time needed for their commute is nonexistent. Studies have shown that companies that have introduced a work at home option have seen employee absences reduced by 63%. Further studies show that at least six out of ten companies have realized a financial savings as a result of allowing employees to work for them virtually.

In addition to many existing corporations implementing telecommuting jobs for employees, there are now companies in operation that offer virtual office setup for clients. A virtual office setup is ideal for new businesses just starting out who do not want, or need, the expense of a physical location out of which to do business. For a fee, businesses choose an office with a physical address that can be added to their business cards and letterhead. Their phone number is connected to professional reception services to answer calls using the company name, take messages, and transfer calls according to the client’s instructions. Business owners can be free to travel or be anywhere they need to be while still receiving calls from customers and business associates, as well as continuing to conduct business.

Implementing a virtual office setup is a popular decision for business men and women who spend a lot of time on the road and for whom renting a physical office space is not necessary. Setting up a virtual office gives them the stability of a physical location for mailing purposes in addition to a space where they can hold meetings with their associates or clients from time to time. Professional virtual office corporations will often offer packages that include two or three hours of physical co working space each day, anywhere in the world. In addition, four or five hours of time in a conference room on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is made available for meetings. Some offer complimentary furnished office space for their client’s use up to three days per month, in any city they choose.

In addition to having access to fully equipped meeting rooms and boardrooms in most packages, clients are given the use of professional executive assistants who will handle certain administrative duties for their businesses. Fax and email services are offered, as well as interactive voicemail 24 hours a day, seven days a week delivered to cellphone or by email.

More and more businesses are discovering that a virtual office setup works very well for them, as well as for their clients. Virtual office packages are a unique office solution that provides everything a business needs to run smoothly, as well as cost effectively. Another one of the many benefits of working from a virtual office is not having to commute to and from the workplace. Working remotely takes the time that would have been spent commuting and turns it into money by allowing employers and employees to use that time to conduct business.

A virtual office works well for existing businesses, for companies that are branching out, and for startup businesses. Keeping costs down is typically at the top of the list for any business, especially for people who are just beginning their journey into the business world. Working virtually gives them the opportunity to look professional without having to break the bank to do it.

A virtual office setup uses technology and service to provide companies, whether large or small, with a professional image, an impressive mailing address, and fully equipped physical offices when needed. While keeping costs down, clients are able to project a competent and efficient profile of themselves and their company to new and existing customers. Business mail can even be received at the assigned virtual address. Clients will usually be given the option to pick it up or to have it forwarded to them wherever they choose.