The Importance of the Paper Binding Process and How Machinery Can Help


Perfect binding machine

Although digital reading devices have significantly increased in popularity over the last few years, printed books are still the majority of sales. Globally, print was responsible for wholly 80% of all book sales in 2015. If you’re an aspiring author or artist and want to print out a few hundred copies of your art, there is one major aspect of your project you need to consider beforehand.

Paper Binding Process

Use an Automatic Wire Binding Machine

Controlling every aspect of writing, printing, binding, and distributing can be exhausting for anyone. If you work with a company that has automatic wire binding machines for sale, though, you’ll have so much less to worry about. There are perfect binding machines that produce the perfect bind for sale as well as other binding machines available in the market. These binding machines can bind the both the thinnest or thickest of books and can do so without any adjustments whatsoever. Automatic wire binders can produce a significant amount of books in a matter of hours and can bind just about any style of book or cover.

Once you have that large printed stack of paper piled up, it can be pretty intimidating to look at. With a quality binding machine, you can easily transform that stack of loose paper into a tight book. These machines work great for other binding products as well, including training manuals, technical manuscripts, schoolwork books, conference proceedings, and much more. Because of the durable and strong roughing blade, offset stock, wax-based stock, oil-based stock, and coated stock, all these products can be blinded with ease.

For heavier duty projects, automatic wire binding machines like the Sterling Digibinder Plus comes equipped with a large stand, casters, and a safety cover that will automatically shut off the process if it’s lifted. Additionally, this efficient machine utilizes a vacuum waste removal system.

If you really want to do some fast paced binding, or just be amazed at the efficiency of the automatic binding process, check out the Rilecart B-599. The B-599 is the fastest binding machine in the entire world. All the user has to do is drop the stack of paper onto the conveyor, and watch as the machine automatically binds books at a speed of 4,000 books an hour.