Using an oil containment boom


Silt fencing

If you are about to start a construction project near a body of water, or even on a body of water, you need to make sure that you have oil containment booms, oil skimmers, and other oil spill response equipment on hand to help ensure that you do not contaminate the water that you are building on. Equipment such as oil containment booms, silt barriers, and other kinds of turbidity barriers can be used to help you make sure that you conform to all requirements and regulations that could apply to your project, which include, but are not limited to, the Clean Water Act, the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System, and State and local regulations.

Consult with a turbidity control specialist to find out about how you can best use oil containment booms, silt curtains, and other varieties of turbidity curtains to best protect the water around your construction project. You will be making the choice that is right for the environment, as well as the choice that will help you avoid getting fined and having a hold put on you construction project by the government for violating regulations.