The Benefits of Using a Tool PreSetter


Tool holders

Leading manufacturers from all types of industries are taking advantage of the using tool presetters because of their time saving, accuracy enhancing benefits. Tool setters help to make companies more competitive in today’s tight market.

All machine tools perform two functions: first, constraining the workpiece; second, providing guided movement of the parts of the machine. Presetters measure the cutting edges of your tools to assure they precisely match job specifications and are ready to be used in the machine. Adjustments that could take up to 15 minutes when made on your machine can be made offline in less than a minute on a presetter, while your machine continues cutting.

Tool presetters and tool holders may also be designed to introduce additional properties to the cutting action, such as angular approach, spring loading, variable overhand and rigidity. As a result, using a tool presetter not only creates better performing tools, but extends the life of existing tools.

Ultimately, using a tool presetter can not only increase the productivity of the tool itself, but also of the system operator. With so much less time require to set up a machine, the operator can work more efficiently, and minimize error on their part.

There are several advantages to working with a tool presetter, including time saving and productivity. If you have not considered a tool presetter for your industry tool, you may want to reconsider. Find more on this topic here: