Three Keys to Parking Lot Cleaning Services


Parking lot cleaning services are really important to the United States and all of the businesses across the country. As a result, it is really important that street sweepers are used in parking lots. That way, America can fight off pollution from runoff situations while providing great parking spaces for people as well!

Across the country, the road and highway maintenance industry help generate over $40 billion of revenue. So parking lot cleaning services are great for the health of the country and the economy. Here are three key facts on street sweepers and other types of parking lot cleaners, street sweeper trucks, and sweeper trucks.

Parking Lot Cleaning Services Have A Strong History

Parking space-related pollution in the United States adds up to between $4 billion and $20 billion in health and environmental damage costs annually. However, the United States has long been battling against runoff pollution and parking lot pollution. As a matter of fact, parking lot cleaning services date all the way back to the 19th century.

In 1849, the very first street sweeping machine was put out. C.S. Bishop invented and patented these street sweepers. However, since this point in time, these types of trucks have evolved and changed. As a matter of fact, modern street sweepers are put onto trucks and can now vacuum up debris and more. Furthermore, 90% of street sweeping machines are made up of mechanical broom type trucks.

Parking Lot Cleaning Services Attract Customers

A recent study was conducted to determine what type of structural situation can attract customers. This does not include marketing ploys and signs. Instead, it focuses on a design or a potential physical situation, like parking lot sweeping! After all, customers do not like anything to be dirty with a business. So if you have trash littered throughout the parking lot, it can be a big turnoff for them.

The number one key to attracting customers is to have a clean parking lot and a clean sidewalk area. If not, customers will not want to go near your business because they do not like filthy parking lots. As a matter of fact, a lot of customers believe that a clean exterior is just as important as having a clean interior area. So a business can really benefit from parking lot cleaning services.

Parking Lot Cleaning Services Deal With Pollution On Streets

Streets are a strong and surprising source of so much pollution across the country. Runoff pollution usually comes from rainwater and snow that melts and washes off of rooftops, parking lots, bridges, roads, and other surfaces. However, parking lot cleaning services can easily take care of this pollution and keep the environment safe. These companies and services are paid often to come and take care of all kinds of parking lots for customers.

Runoff pollution from roads and highways includes heavy metals and pesticides. Examples of pollutants generated in urban areas include oil, grease, and toxic chemicals from automobiles; nutrients and pesticides from turf management and gardening; viruses and bacteria from failing septic systems; road salts; and heavy metals.

Every year, parking lot cleaning services like street sweepers could help remove several tons of debris a year just by getting rid of pollutants in stormwater runoff. Therefore, a business can really benefit by just investing in their parking lot services to come and properly clean up. Furthermore, cities must make sure that they have proper street sweeper services taking care of their streets as well!

In Conclusion

A business can seriously lose out on customers if they fail to properly clean up their parking lot and sidewalk areas. Cities as a whole can do damage to the environment and quality of their city streets if they fail to invest in the right parking lot cleaning services and more. So business owners and cities alike need to invest in great cleaning services to help keep everything tidy and looking good!