Taking a Closer Look At The Importance Of On Site Signage In The US


From the suction cup poster holder to the clear price tag sleeves or even the clear window decals, the amount of advertisements and signage that we see on a day to day basis is greater than what the average person might anticipate. In fact, such signage often totals as many as three thousand advertisements and other such promotional messages per single day.

On site signage, often involving the suction cup poster holder, can be particularly important. After all, it has been found that more than eighty percent, more than eighty five percent even, of all of our final purchasing decisions are actually made once we are already in the store. In many ways this is related to the human tendency to make an impulse buy.

An impulse buy can be categorized as a purchase that was not planned for prior to the shopping trip. Though we might feel ourselves to be personally immune from such impulsive spending habits, this is simply not often the case. In fact, up to sixty percent of all purchases made in an on site location could be considered to be in the category of the impulse purchase. That means that every ten times someone bought an item of any nature, six of those items, more than half, had not been part of the original shopping plan.

Getting people to buy impulsively when they visit your store is essential, but it will only happen if you know how to make your merchandise look appealing and purchase worthy. In most cases, the use of on site signage such as deli meat signs, brochure display racks, and the suction cup poster holder will be absolutely essential to making this goal into a reality. If you don’t have attractive signage displayed around your store and even outside of it, you aren’t likely to have nearly as many customers as the store that does.

The power of on site signage is one that is more than backed up by data that has been collected in recent years. For instance, having signage throughout your store has been found to be just as effective from an advertising standpoint as having as many as twenty four full page advertisements taken out in a newspaper or magazine over the course of just one year. Of course, your on site signage that uses a suction cup poster holder is also likely to be far less expensive than taking out so many advertisements.

Signage for sales is ideal, of course, but having the right glass door signs and the like for full price merchandise is also likely to be highly advisable. This was found in a study conducted by Brigham Young University and had conclusive results about the power of adequate signage at the actual site of a business. This study actually found that full priced merchandise with signage experienced a very nearly twenty percent uptick in sales in direct comparison to the full price merchandise with no signage, a remarkable feat by any means.

And aside from the suction cup poster holder, the lobby sign holder, and the metal sign holder stands (and all other such means of on site signage display), outdoor signs are also important. When we look at billboards, we find that more than seventy percent of all drivers actually do pay attention to them. Of course, this will have a profound affect on sales, as many people also make their shopping decisions while driving to their anticipated destination as well.

Billboards often do more than just advertise brands too. Billboards have been known to successfully market restaurants and events as well, informing the people that drive by them on a day to day basis. In fact, nearly sixty percent of all adults all throughout the United States have found a new restaurant or event (or even both) that they later enjoyed as a direct result of seeing a billboard advertised above a commonly traveled highway.

From the suction cup poster holder to the metal display signs, there are many ways in which we can display on site advertisements and no matter how they are displayed, there’s no discounting their benefit.