Things to Know Before Becoming a Plumber


In this video, you will learn about plumbers. Becoming a plumbing apprentice is the initial start. This is how you become a plumber.

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Some people say they don’t want to be a helper, and they want to be a master plumber right away. He said he walked on the job and had not seen some of the tools before. First, plumbing is not an easy job. It is a hard job. You will get hot and sweaty. You might be submerged underwater. You need to get in and learn. Sometimes, it is heavy work. If you are on a big commercial job, it is hard and heavy. It can be a real pain. He has seen both men and women in the trade. You will not be an apprentice forever. You could be making pretty good money in two years. You can take your journeyman exam and do commercial plumbing. He remembers why he wanted to become a plumber. You will get dirty. You are going to have days where you have to play in the mud. If you are seriously interested in becoming a plumber, keep watching this video to learn more information.