The Right Time To Start Your Concrete Business


There are more than 50,000 concrete businesses to satisfy a $47 billion market. This includes large and small contractors, mixed concrete, and ready-mix concrete businesses. For people looking to start a concrete company, there is no right and wrong time to do it, but there are a couple of things people need to do to succeed.

To start a concrete business, people need to have a plan which covers the business strategy and operations.

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For instance, whether to target commercial or residential clients or both. According to the narrator, they started their business by pouring concrete in pools and around swimming pool decks before upgrading to larger endeavors.

Another thing to do when starting a concrete business is to think about starting small and then upgrading as the business grows. They began with no truck, and when they started getting about eight jobs a day, they decided to buy volumetric trucks to scale their business; they have grown their fleet to about 15.

Safety should also be considered when starting a concrete business because the company can sink as fast as it grew without it. Workers must always wear protective equipment and be constantly trained on handling new equipment.