Easy Mistakes To Make When Building Your Seawall


One of the things people love about living on waterfront properties is seeing seawater splashing on the seawall. The seawall is a barrier that separates the land and the water and helps protect against damage, erosion, and flooding. During seawall construction, there are mistakes people or their contractors can make. Which are these mistakes?

According to the narrator in the video, one of the mistakes a contractor can make when building a seawall is constructing the wall in front of an existing wall that’s failing.

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This leaves an area between the two walls for leaking. Instead, the contractor should cut the walls and run new tie-back walls to protect the homeowner and their property.

Another mistake people make when building seawalls is leaving a lot of space between pilings. The narrator says that the space between pilings should be no more than five feet; otherwise, there will be uneven pressure on the wall, causing it to leak.

When a seawall isn’t secured properly, there is a space where water can wash in and out between the boards, and if there is no filter cloth in that area or the filter cloth isn’t correctly installed, the water will wash off the sand from the space between the boards.