The Power Of A First Impression More Businesses Could Stand To Invest In This Useful Service


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A business that wants to attract customers needs to be tiny, clean and attractive. A lot of money goes into sprucing up the interior design of a given building, with some managers even believing it more important than their yearly marketing budget. After all, who would want to seek out a service only to be greeted with dirty floors or a bad odor? Just as proper interior design pulls people in, so too does exterior design. Any business that wants to invite repeat customers and pull in newcomers needs to invest in a street sweeping service.

What Is A Street Sweeping Service?

How often do you think about the clean sidewalks you travel on or the lack of trash in the gutters you pass by in your car? Likely not often, thanks to effective parking lot cleaners and street sweeping services. Just like any garbage disposal service these are used on a daily, sometimes hourly basis to keep our environment safe. Not only does removing trash keep the road and sidewalks clear for traffic, it protects entire populations from disease that can accumulate in leftover grime. You name it, sweeper trucks get rid of it.

How Long Have Street Cleaning Services Been Around?

Believe it or not, road sweeping services aren’t a new innovation. The very first street sweeping service was patented by C.S. Bishop all the way back in the mid-1800’s. Throughout the 19th century machines for clearing up gunk, trash and discarded items would be further developed into the lean, mean machines we know and love today. Modern sweet sweepers are frequently mounted on truck bodies and can do everything from scrub and vacuum excess debris.

What Safety Concerns Arise With Excess Trash?

Nothing good comes from forgotten trash. It’s estimated there are over 9,000 companies that offer ongoing road maintenance services in the United States, so that should give you some idea as to the safety concerns brought on by garbage. Runoff pollution is a term used to refer to rainwater or melted snow that washes off of road and bridges to cover our surfaces. Pollutants that can be gathered here are oil, grease and all sorts of toxic materials. Seemingly negligible items, like discarded cigarette butts, provide a major health hazard for birds and small mammals.

What Other Hazards Are There?

There are plenty of other issues that can arise from just a day or two of neglect. Parking space pollution in the United States has exceeded $4 billion in yearly health and environmental damage. In some cases? Over $20 billion. Pesticides are a major concern being brought to light, particularly in suburban areas that regularly invest in lawn care services that spread harmful chemicals in the name of protecting plants. A recent National Water Quality Inventory reported runoff from urban areas providing the leading source of water quality issues.

How Do Street Sweeping Services Impact My Business?

Nobody wants to walk into a business that looks poorly maintained. Customers, however, won’t even get to that point if your parking lot is a mess. Parking lot cleaning services will ensure you have a positive first impression no matter where people end up, ensuring your business isn’t passed over in the name of competitors. A street sweeping service can tidy up not just your parking lot, but remove any garbage from sidewalks and spruce up accompanying lawns, shrubbery and pathways. A recent study found most of its participants believing exterior cleanliness to be just as important as the interior.

Even the most dazzling sign won’t do much if the front of your business looks sloppy and poorly maintained. Let a street sweeping service patch that up for you.