The Outlook for This Years Roofer Market


The roofing market has mushroomed tremendously in the past decade. From a value of $100 billion in 2020, this market is estimated to hit the $150 billion mark by the end of 2030. This expansion has been primarily due to the rapid growth in construction and new technology. Modern roofing solutions offer more longevity and are more reliable. Urbanization has also been a significant contributor to the expansion of the roofing industry.

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The need for environmental conservation has also led to green roof technology, which is now a hit in the roofing industry. This video outlines how aspiring roofers can enter this industry and make a living.

Roofing is a lucrative and well-paying profession. With the proper expertise, an aspiring roofer can make a decent living. The fundamental question is, what does it take to become a roofer? The first and most critical requirement is proper education and training. Like many professions, roofing requires relevant training. Roofing is an industry that prides itself on precision. Attention to detail, dependability, and integrity are also critical. Other factors such as strength and balance are also crucial components.