The One Safety Hazard Almost All Homeowners Overlook


Concrete repair

Your home says a lot about who you are – your style, tastes, level of cleanliness, etc. The first and last thing any visitor to your home encounters is typically the driveway. Not only does your driveway make your home’s first impression, but it’s also the point of entry and exit for you home. As such, it’s imperative to keep your driveway in tip-top shape and free of any damage.

If your concrete driveway is installed and maintained correctly, it will typically have a long useful lifespan, usually 25-50 years. However, concrete is not impervious to harm. The effects of weather, temperature changes, and day-to-day wear and tear can take their toll on your concrete driveway. Some of the more common driveway problems are what are known as sunken driveways.

What are sunken driveways?

Sunken driveways occur when the ground beneath a driveway settles or gives way for any reason. This causes portions or all of the driveway to sink into the ground and create an irregular surface. Sunken driveways are not only visually unattractive, but are a safety hazard as well. The cracks and uneven surfaces of sunken driveways can catch unsuspecting visitor’s toes and trip them, or even damage car tires.

Driveway repair specialists can easy repair sunken driveways, and even correct problems with sinkage before they become a hazard. Most sunken driveways can be repaired in less than a day by a skilled driveway contractor. If doing the repairs yourself, just be careful to ensure a slight slope (at least one-fourth inch per foot) in your driveway to allow for rainwater drainage.

If your driveway is cracked or sinking, don’t think of it as simply a problem to be fixed. Driveway repair can be a blessing in disguise! Concrete and asphalt have come a long way since their development and now can be mixed to match any home’s look or decor. In fact, colored concrete is available in upwards of 250 hues and shades. Most concrete contractors can provide you with samples to match your new driveway’s concrete to the exact look you want for your home.

When guests visit your home, what do you want them to see first – a cracked and uneven driveway or a smooth and level drive? Call a concrete contractor today and let your driveway set the perfect first impression for you home.