The Benefits of Making Charitable Donations


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Would you like to make donations of clothing? If you’re not sure where to donate clothes or household items, The Military Order of the Purple Heart will accept them. In addition to dropping them off at collection centers such as GreenDrop, you can also contact them for a Purple Heart pickup.

A recent survey showed that around 43% of people tend to give more during the holiday season than at other times of the year. However, 44.4% said that they tend to give around the same amount. In 2014 alone, charitable organizations received $358.38 billion.

While only 15% of Americans choose to donate or recycle their used clothing, many more could do so. Making donations is a way of life for people that believe it’s important to help others in this way.

Many people like to go through their closets, dressers, and other storage areas on a regular basis. When they discover items that they no longer wear or need, they like to make donations to charitable organizations.

The value of charitable donations is multi-faceted. These donations are helping families in need, including wounded veterans and their families. Nearly half of the clothing that is donated can be sold and worn again. Furthermore, this keeps clothing and other items out of the country’s landfills.

GreenDrop assists with this process by collecting approximately 100 tons of used items every week. This includes clothing, electronics, and household items. If you’re not sure what you can or should donate, just include it in your donation box. In many cases, items can be repaired and used again.

When you make charitable donations, it’s important to choose a non-profit group that has tax-exempt status. The Purple Heart falls under this heading.

When your donations are worth more than $250, you will need a receipt to write this amount off of your taxes. If your charitable donation exceeds $500 in value, then the IRA requires that you include a qualified appraisal with your tax return. This would apply to clothing or household items that are not in good condition or better.

When you make a charitable donation of clothing or other items to non-profit organizations such as the Purple Heart, be sure to post it to social media. By doing this, you will likely inspire others to do so as well.

Remember that when you have donations of clothing, household textiles, or other items, that you can donate them easily. Just contact the Purple Heart for a drop-off location or have your donations picked up by GreenDrop.When you make donations of clothing, it can make a difference in so many lives.