Keeping It Safe and Clean With Industrial Steam Cleaners


Steam cleaning systems

In the modern era of rapidly growing populations, technology and industry have had to advance just as quickly in order to keep up with the demand of the masses. And as science and medicine have developed as well, the standards for health and safety have evolved considerably, to ensure the general wellness of these booming communities and societies. These days, it is easier, more efficient, and often more effective to use industrial steam cleaners in settings where there are large amounts of consumable substances being produced and handled.

Meeting regulations in the food and beverage industry
As the demand to mass produce food rises, so does the necessity to keep all of the equipment used in every step of the process sanitary and in pristine condition. The food and beverage business is an enormous one, and it is paramount that every piece of food produced is safe to consume. Industrial steam cleaners and industrial conveyor belt cleaners are a wise choice for those companies looking to guarantee the quality of the goods they are producing. When it comes to food contaminants to watch out for, there are three main kinds of hazards to be wary of. These three hazards are physical, chemical, and biological.

  • Physical
    Physical contaminants include hair, dirt, or other small particles that can inadvertently end up in food and lower the quality and safety of it.
  • Chemical
    Chemical hazards are those that are found in pest control substances and cleaning supplies, which should always be kept well away from any food preparation and serving areas.
  • Biological
    Biological contaminants are those that consist of microorganisms such as salmonella and E. coli, which anyone in the industry or otherwise can instantly recognize as a significant problem when it comes to any substance being ingested.

Keeping it sanitary with industrial steam cleaners
Steam cleaning systems, particularly industrial steamers in this case, are a good go-to for companies hoping to make a profit by producing a large quantity of safe food. Keeping the equipment that comes into contact with the food is crucial to ensuring that safety, as is the proper handling by any employees involved at any point in the process. The cleaning business itself is an enormous industry, creating over $168 billion in revenue worldwide each and every year. And a big part of that is steam cleaning, not just in the food handling process, but in any area in food service.

One survey reported that 29% of those responding to the poll stated that if the bathroom in a restaurant was not satisfactorily sanitary, they would never return to that establishment. People make connections between the level of care that goes into the whole establishment and the way their food might be handled behind the kitchen doors. One good solution is in using super-heated steam cleaning systems for paper towel dispenser handles and faucet handles, which can result in the presence of one-tenth the amount of germs as remain after traditional cleaning methods.

The CDC has reported that each and every year, one in six individuals across the country falls ill due to the consumption of a contaminated substance, whether that is food or drink. The best way to ensure the health and safety of your customers and employees alike is by investing in a quality cleaning system. Keeping everything sanitary is the key to the success of such a business, and steam cleaning is a great way to do so.