The Advantages Of ADR Methods In The Corporate World


Companies face various cases such as asbestos liability, complex civil litigation, corporate investigations, and contractual dispute cases. Taking such cases to be solved in the court of law tends to be tedious and stressful. For that reason, reverting to alternative dispute resolution methods will do some great good. Such an approach is beneficial in many ways in helping reach the finality of an asbestos liability or commercial employment case. Below are some of the benefits that are likely to accrue.

Neutrality Is Guaranteed

With methods such as mediation and arbitration, there is always the availability of a sense of neutrality. This ensures that no form of corruption comes in to alter the process of resolving the asbestos litigation case. Every party involved in the case is given a fair hearing, after which a thorough analysis of the case takes place to provide the most viable resolution to the case. On the other side, disputes that go to court are susceptible to corruption and unfair hearing, and that means one party will not receive justice. In that connection, it is very clear that neutrality is still non-existent.

For parties involved in a dispute, it is always important they solve their differences without causing an escalation of conflict. Such an escalation can occur if the dispute is not solved fairly, which means one party feels shortchanged or denied justice. Such a scenario is prevalent in instances where neutrality in a case hearing is not highly regarded.


Every party that goes to court seeks to bring a particular case to finality. That means a resolution has to be found whereby justice is served. Unfortunately, that does not happen instantly in a court of law. First, the case will drag for a very long time. There is also the possibility of the case being altered in the sense that justice is not served. Therefore, achieving some sense of finality might take ages. However, there is always a way out. And that is through the use of alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, facilitation, or mediation. These methods ensure both parties in dispute, such as an asbestos liability case, are heard, and the issue is resolved as soon as possible. This form of conclusiveness provides both parties closure enabling them to move on quickly to other matters after the resolution is arrived at.

High Regard For Privacy

If you intend to solve your case in privacy without many people engaging in it, then using an alternative dispute resolution method such as mediation will play a critical role. The case can be solved behind closed doors without its details leaking to the public. This is a possibility that courts struggle to provide. In a court of law, there is certainly a significant number of people who will start minding about your case. If that is an incident you do not want to experience, then resorting to mediation or arbitration will be the best bet. There is party autonomy you can always take advantage of to solve your case in private.

Less Costly

Paying attorney fees is stressful. If your case drags for a long time, you are likely to dig deeper into your pockets. But such is an experience that should be and can be avoided. Using mediation allows you to solve the contractual dispute quickly without having to spend a ton of money on paying huge attorney fees. So, there is no need to endure the long court battles, coupled with paying high attorney fees without stamping finality on your asbestos liability dispute. You can always capitalize on an alternative dispute resolution approach.


The use of alternative dispute resolution methods in resolving cases has increased over the years. Considered one of the easiest and quick ways of handling disputes, mediation and arbitration are being embraced by people and corporate firms. Solving contractual disputes, employment discrimination, complex litigation, and asbestos liability cases can now be undertaken by an arbitrator. However, there is also the challenge of ensuring you get the right expert to resolve the case. The business of alternative dispute resolution has now become lucrative, and that presents an avenue for fraudsters to exploit the naïve. Therefore, if you are working with a mediator, ensure a competent one is brought on board.