How to Recruit Great Local College Students


This video discusses the best tactics to use for finding the most promising college students. The key to success is to use strategies that smoothen the process of communicating with the candidates.

Focusing on the retention rates is a vital part of the process of improving recruitment strategies. Low retention numbers may indicate that an area of the recruitment process needs tweaking. Factors that contribute to shifting retention rates may include pre-registration grades, interest levels, miscommunication, and the schools from which the students transfer.

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Having the right higher education enrollment software for recruiting can help you to use keener practices when you interview potential candidates.

Another strategy for bringing exceptional candidates into the fold is to communicate with all people who apply for registration. Often, candidates apply but never receive a return phone call to discuss their options and qualifications. This problem may occur because of the recruiter’s overwhelming load of incoming requests. The software can help organize and streamline the process so that recruiters can get in touch with everyone who reaches out.

Knowing how to engage with people is another skill that will improve the quality of the students and the recruitment process. The recruiter must look at the applicants as people and get to know each of them personally to serve their needs best.