Taking A Look At The Importance Of Signage in The United States And Around The World


The importance of signage should not be underestimated. After all, signs, from marquee signs to outdoor signs for schools, are everywhere in the world all around us. In fact, the average person in the United States will see as many as three thousand advertisements and the like in the span of just one single day. And these signs come in many different forms, from the outdoor LED display to marquee signs strategically placed to attract the most attention from potential customers.

Signs like marquee signs that can be placed by or near stores are particularly important, as they help to influence in the moment purchasing decisions. After all, the majority of our purchasing decisions are actually considered to be last minute and impulsive – as many as six out of every ten. And having marquee signs and other types of signs actually onsite is incredibly powerful advertising, the equivalent of as many as twenty four full spreads of newspaper advertisements in the span of just one year. And having signs such as marquee signs in store can raise the purchases of full price items with no sale or discount whatsoever by as much as more than fifteen percent (nineteen percent to twenty percent, to be more exact).

Signs like full color LED signs and scrolling marquee signs can even help to attract customers from outside of the store or place of business as well. Billboards are also hugely influential, as they are typically erected in places that are high visibility and get a lot of traffic going through them. And not only do many cars pass by such areas but data shows that more than seventy percent of these cars actually notice the billboards every time they drive past them – or at least very nearly almost every time. This leads to a considerable uptick in sales, with more than thirty percent of consumers visiting a store they saw on a billboard within just one week after they first drove past it. On top of this, more than fifty five percent of all drivers later visited a restaurant that they had first seen on a billboard and the same percentage of adults in the United States also attended an event that they had first seen on a billboard.

But signs like marquee signs don’t always need to be selling you something, though this is, of course, typically one of their primary purposes. Signs can also be used simply to convey important information to a specific group of people. Take signs for churches, for example. Signs outside of churches can help to spread the word about important dates for the church’s community as well as worship times and meetings. School signs are also important and can provide critical information before, during, and after the school year. Such information can include, but is certainly not limited to, school start dates as well as school end dates and important days within the school. The days that students have off are likely to be advertised on outdoor signs for schools, as are important school wide events, like field trips, holiday concerts, and parent teacher conferences. Even though we now live in a world with more connectivity than ever before, signs like school signs and church signs can help to remind community members to connect back in if they had become disengaged and had forgotten some important information.

Whether or not we have actively realized it or not, signs have become a hugely important parts of our lives. We see signs everyday, whether or not we pay them much conscious attention at all. Regardless, our subconscious brain recognizes them and on some level understands them, and this processing helps to influence many of the decisions that we make – particularly when it comes to shopping and the like. From scrolling marquee signs to electronic signs for businesses, there are many options for your sign, and some might be better suited to specific purposes than others. Your sign selection should be a calculated thing, and it certainly can have a colossal impact, as this article has shown.