Taking A Look At The Importance Of Proper Signage Here In The United States


From signs for churches to marquee signs for businesses to school electronic signs, there are certainly a wide variety of signs out there in the world. And signage is a hugely important thing and not one to be overlooked, after all, as it very much influences the choices we make – especially when it comes to what we purchase. At the end of the day, it has actually been discovered that the average person here in the United States is likely to see as many as 3,000 total signs and other such advertisements over the course of a single day alone.

Of course, not all signs are advertisements. Signs for churches, for example, typically serve only to convey important information to members of the congregation. For instance, signs for churches might list the dates of important church functions. Signs for churches might also convey times for worship services or other such regular events. Some signs for churches will even simply include motivational messages for all that drive past, making signs for churches ideal in many a place, many a community.

Aside from signs for churches – and functioning much in the same way that signs for churches do – a scrolling marquee sign for a school is also commonplace. These school signs boards can be ideal for conveying important dates and school events, such as band concerts and various sporting events. In addition to this, school sign boards are often used to highlight the achievements of students who attend the school, something that can be hugely important for a number of reasons, such as fostering a sense of community among the students as a whole.

For many people, however, the signs that they see most often are signs for advertising purposes, such as signs for businesses like billboards. Billboards are hugely influential in our purchasing decisions, as more than 65% of all people actually make their final purchasing decisions while still in the car. In addition to this, nearly three quarters of all people driving past billboards will take note of them – and up to 35% of this population will actually pay careful attention to each and every one that they pass.

Billboards are even ideal for advertising things like events and restaurants, with data to back up this claim. This data shows that very nearly 60% of all people (all adults, to be just a little bit more specific) here in the United States alone have discovered a restaurant thanks to a billboard advertisement, be it an advertisement on an electronic billboard or a more traditional one. And the very same percentage of adult people in this country have discovered some kind of event that they later attended from a billboard as well.

However, on site advertising has been proven to be just as important – if not even more so – as off site advertising like billboards and such other types of off site advertising. On site advertising is still hugely important, though many people might think that this might not be the case, what with the rise of online shopping and e-commerce all throughout the world. However, recent data has shown that up to 94% of all consumers in the United States still choose to make their final purchases in person, in a brick and mortar store, as many simply feel most comfortable purchasing something that they can see and feel with their own two eyes and hands.

And the data certainly backs up the incredibly influence that most types of on site advertising can have, be they floor standing sign holders or even just window and door decals. In fact, one study conducted by Brigham Young University was even able to conclude that merchandise – even fully priced merchandise – that was advertised with various forms of on site signage was actually able to outperform other fully priced merchandise by as much as 20% in sales. Several other studies conducted on similar subject matter also were able to find similar results, something that is certainly impressive to just about everyone and clearly shows the power of on site signage here in the United States.