Chartering a Private Jet for Business and Leisure


Many modes of travel are available today for small groups taking vacations or for business professionals who are going on trips, and while trains can be found across the United States and cars are a private and common luxury, an executive jet is often the vehicle of choice for those who can afford to buy one or get an executive jet charter, and different types of private planes are out there for those looking to buy or get a charter for. The best private jet may vary based on a person’s interests and needs for travel, and with many types of private planes out there, today’s customer has plenty of options for either buying such a vehicle or getting a charter quote. Passengers on a private jet may be flying for business or for leisure, and either way, there are some factors to consider before getting a charter or buying one. What types of private planes might someone choose?

Who Flies?

Many Americans use taxis, buses, trains, or more to get around, but plenty of others take to the skies for business or leisure travel. By the year 2011, for example, some 11,261 private jets were registered in the United States, and that number is bound to be even higher today. Many airports can be found across the country where jets big and small may land, and jets will often have a private hangar where they can park. Often, it is traveling business professionals who elect to ride different types of private planes, either ones they own or a chartered flight. Why? Planes offer a number of advantages, one of them being the comfort and isolation on board. This is a good place for a traveling business person to focus and get some work done en route to their destination, and respondents to a 2009 survey reported that they are 20% more productive on board a company aircraft than in the office, and this is part of a larger trend of workers being more productive in remote work situations. Office employees are often more focused and productive when working at home too, for similar reasons as being on a plane. An office is noisy and distracting; a plane’s interior is not. And another advantage to planes is that they can go over any type of terrain that might block buses, cars, or trains. Planes allow someone to go right over seas or oceans, such as flying from Tokyo to Seoul over the Sea of Japan, or flying to and from the remote American state of Alaska.

Getting Different Types of Private Planes

The advantages to a private, chartered jet are clear. Office employees often go on business trips, and jets are a great way to do that, but how can one get on board such a vehicle? One option is to simply buy one, if a person can afford it, and a private jet is a very convenient and comfortable way to get around. Jets can be bought either new or used, and they can even be made available for others to get a chartered flight on.

Those who choose to buy a new plane are probably going to pay the highest price for this vehicle, but they can enjoy a new plane with modern standards of power, fuel efficiency, features, and safety, not to mention how the warranty will be in place. Meanwhile, those who buy a used jet can save a lot of money on the sticker price in exchange for needing to look over the jet for any issues first. Used jets should have their flight logs looked over, and their engines, interior, and comm equipment should be checked for any issues, and even a used jet in good working order may not quite meet modern standards of fuel efficiency or comfort. Those buying a used jet should also check whether it had been stored in a humid or dry environment, and take note that humid storage conditions are harmful to jets.

Someone who owns a jet can lend it for chartered flights whenever they don’t need to ride in it themselves, and the earnings can help cover the cost of maintenance and fuel for the owner.