Six Things You Should Know About Fire Sprinkler Systems


Any building can be susceptible to fires, so it’s important to have everything ready in case a fire should break out. Fire sprinkler distributors sell these fire units that can be installed to help fight fires where they break out. They are designed by fire sprinkler design companies to cover a wide area so that the fire can be fought with the water that flows from them.

If you are interested in fire sprinklers, there are plans that come with each system and show you how the system works. You can also ask the distributor of the specific system to ask any questions about how it works. The fire sprinkler pressure works in tandem with the fire sprinkler nozzle to douse water on flames and to try to put out the fire. It is regulated by many areas that specific types of buildings have to have sprinkles in order to reduce the risk of a serious fire. Often, it is commercial buildings that have them, but many residential buildings will have them as well. If you are worried about your building’s fire safety, you can look into getting a sprinkler system for the building to help keep it safer.

Are you planning out a fire sprinkler design? Having the best fire sprinkler design in your home or business is a great way to protect the assets in your building and — more importantly — the people on your property. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has no record of a building fire taking the life of more than one person if there is a adequate fire sprinkler design in place.

If you are planning your fire protection system, you should pay attention to our list of things you should know about fire sprinkler designs, below.

Six Things You Should Know About Fire Sprinkler Systems

  1. Having proper fire sprinkler installation not only protects your assets and human life in case of a fire, it makes the recovery process easier.

    If you’ve ever been dealt with a home or business fire, you know how devastating it is. Not only do you have to cope with the injuries and loss that the fire caused, you often are left with no home or business to return to, and many of your possessions are gone in the process.

    When you have a sprinkler system in place, if your home or business does catch fire, the damage that you experience is far milder than if you don’t have one. Many families who have home that catch fire with sprinkler systems are able to stay in their homes while the repairs are made, because the structural integrity of the home is maintained and the home is still usable. This makes the recovery process after a fire far better.
  2. Installing a sprinkler system in your home is less expensive than you’d think.
    While no price can be put on human life, the cost of sprinkler systems is often a concern that home or business owners have. However, if you install the sprinkler system in your home or business when you build it, you’ll likely see costs of about $1.35 per square foot that the sprinklers cover. To put that in perspective, installing carpet in your building will cost you about $2 per foot, and does not save lives.

    Retrofitting your building with a sprinkler system is a little more expensive than installing it up front, but not by much. And the cost of installing a sprinkler system might make up for itself through property insurance discounts.
  3. The discount to your property insurance isn’t little.

    While we’re on the subject of property insurance premiums, this is nothing to shake a stick at. The risk of fire is a huge liability to your property insurance company. If you sustain a fire in your building, they’re looking at writing a check with a lot of zeros for damages. Your homeowner’s insurance company loves when you install a sprinkler systems, and give you discounts to make it worthwhile.
  4. A sprinkler system conserves water.

    If your home or business catches fire and you don’t have a sprinkler system in place, they are going to expend a lot of water to put it out. Like, a lot of water. It’s obviously worth the water to protect your business or home and the people in it. However, if you have a sprinkler system in your building, the sprinkler system is able to extinguish the same fire with only one-tenth of the water that the fire department would have to use.
  5. A sprinkler system is not activated the same way a smoke alarm is.

    Another reason that some people are resistant to installing sprinkler systems in their home is that they’re concerned the contents of their home will end up drenched in water if they accidentally burn dinner. It’s true, your smoke alarm might be a bit overzealous about telling you that you don’t know how to took. This is not the case with an sprinkler system though. A sprinkler system is only activated if there are actual flames in your home that raise the temperature high enough.
  6. Sprinkler systems are low-maintenance.

    Your smoke alarm is going to start beeping at the worst moments six months before you need to replace the batteries. This is not the case with a sprinkler system. The extent of maintaining them is just making sure you don’t block them with anything.

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