Remote Work Isn’t Becoming So Remote The Growing Popularity Of Telecommunications Today


What’s the function of virtual services in your work environment?

This might come as a curious question. The virtual office is a relatively new phenomenon, after all, and much of what we know is still being reinvented in the digital age. From communications to storage space, the work environment of tomorrow is fast becoming the new normal. This is the year to start figuring out your virtual services and how they help or hurt your business. For those that aren’t even sure where to start digging…

…why not expand your vocabulary first? Here are some useful terms and statistics to give you a bigger picture on what constitutes a good digital working environment.

The Growth Of Remote Work

Remote work is becoming more and more popular. In fact, the work environment you know today might look drastically different in just a decade’s time. The term ‘remote work’ is used to denote any worker that doesn’t work in the office — this can mean they work and travel, work from home, or a combination of the above. According to a recent survey by the AARP, nearly 75% of older Americans state they want more work flexibility. What’s more flexible than being able to decide where and how you work?

Benefits Of Telecommunication

Virtual offices are not just flexible…they’re cheap. They save both businesses and workers a lot of money on the way to the highest possible yearly revenue. A recent survey found two-thirds of managers say remote employees have higher productivity levels. Another survey from ConnectSolutions determined 30% of today’s teleworkers state telecommuting lets them accomplish more in less time. Virtual services are needed to make sure everyone’s enjoying these benefits to the max.

Cost-Saving Ventures For The Modern Business

What other cost-saving measures come from virtual offices? Let’s take a look. Companies of all sizes have reported significant decreases in operating costs thanks to remote work. American Express, for example, reported annual savings of $10 million and higher due to more telecommunication options. The virtual office is also a viable option to keep everyone on the same page at all times, rather than costly monthly meetings that use up everyone’s gas and don’t have more updated information.

Physical Health Benefits Of Remote Work

Telecommunications are cheaper for businesses and healthier for workers. It’s basically the gift that keeps on giving. An AfterCollege study asking Millennials about their thoughts on remote work found 70% of job seekers stating the option to work remotely would increase their interest in a position. An interesting study on work stress and work type also found 80% of telecommuters stating they had lower-than-average stress levels. Being able to choose your hours means a happier work-life balance, more often than not, which is vital for good physical and emotional health.

Designing The Ideal Virtual Office Space

This is the year you figure out your virtual space. More workers are choosing remote work as the make it or break it factor in their lives. Likewise, businesses are starting to catch on to the nearly endless financial benefits of telecommunications. The American Management Association found out that organizations with telework programs saw a 60% reduction rate in unscheduled absences. Sun Microsystems found that employees working at home also gain back 50% of the time they would’ve spent commuting.

The virtual office space is here to stay. Are your virtual services keeping up?