Are You in the Process of Updating Your Company’s Trade Show Display?


Planning for and setting up the balloons are the most fun part of creating the tabletop display booths for the local children’s museum. And while the event featured may change once every three to four months, the ballon arch is a standard trademark. The use of the telescoping rod and five inch balloons create the color that draws visitors to your trade show booth to find out about a child size curling space, a new grocery shopping area sponsored by a local company, a dinosaur exhibit, and many others.
Tabletop display booths serve a variety of purposes in today’s world. Businesses, non profits, school districts, and many other groups use trade show tower displays, tabletop banners, and many other features to attract visitors to see their displays. In the trade show world, standing out is important so it should come as no surprise that there are many trends that come and go. Some, like balloon arches, remain popular for long periods of time, but there is often a desire to create a space that will look different and stand out from the rest of the room.

Trade Shows Provide a Way for Groups to Reach a Wide Range of Current and Potential Customers
As one indicator of how promotional events can do a lot for a company’s brand awareness you should realize that as many as 79% of consumers researched a brand after receiving a promotional product. Why should we be surprised? People love free stuff, so companies often spend a good deal of time and money planning for popular give aways. In a large space, however, companies need to make sure that their space is noticed from across the room so they will come get the give aways that prompt future purchases.

Trade shows typically take place in conventions centers all across the U.S., and as of October 2016, there were 252 convention centers across the country. Not surprising, warm weather is a draw for many trade show planners. In fact, California and Florida had the largest number with 20 locations each; Nevada was close with 19.

If you are in charge of setting up your business’s tabletop display booths you can rely on your favorite methods like balloon arches. You can also make use of the latest tabletop banners and other methods that will help your space get the attention that you want!