Recycling metal can make you money and save the environment


Melting down metal is a process that is used for all different types of industries like jewellers, auto industries, artists, smelters and more. Metals can be used over and over again no matter what condition they are in when they are collected because they are melted and molded into whatever form they need to be made into.

Nearly 13% of the world’s steel is used in the automotive industry, and nearly 40% of the worldwide steel production is made using recycled steel. Steel and iron are the most recycled metals in the world because they are used in the production of most large buildings. These metals can be repurposed and reprocessed easily. Steel melting can help us save tons of scraps and waste and give them a better purpose. This keeps it out of the landfills and creating new projects around the world. The aluminium can is the most recycled consumer product in the world. The steps to recycling metals depends on what type of metal is being used but the process always requires some form of melting. The rest of the process includes:

Collecting the metals to be used
Sorting the collection
Processing which usually requires shredding or tearing down to smaller portions
Melting down the metals in a melting furnace
Purifying and cleaning to ensure there are no contaminants
Solidifying into forms or bars
Transportation to designated facility

You can create a profitable business out of metal collecting and it seems to be a growing trend. Jewellers make a ton of money buying peoples old gold jewellery and melting it down in a gold melting furnace. A gold melting furnace will melt down rings, necklaces, broaches, tiaras and any other jewellery they come across. These old pieces can be made into fresh new pieces that can be sold for much more money and cost less than buying bricks of gold for manufacturing. A gold melting furnace is a great option for creative, artistic jewellers that want to make their own unique jewellery.

Metal melting furnaces are used in many automotive industries and help create new products out of old spare parts, broken parts or other large metal pieces. This process helps save a ton of money by taking the old parts and making them new again.