Making Your Attorney Fee A Solid Investment for Clients


Contract disputes, consumer credit disputes, and other commercial litigation can get complicated. In some cases, your attorney fee simply does not match the amount of work that you are putting into those complex civil litigation cases.

One of the key mistakes both large and small firms make is not using the available resources to navigate civil litigation cases more efficiently. Time is money in any type of litigation but especially so when it comes to federal civil cases.

Securing the Right Resources

Partnering with the right resources to help manage those complex federal matters is critical to the success of the case and to ensure that your attorney fee delivers the ROI for your time invested. Whether it is a class action matter or you are representing a corporate entity, having the right resources will improve the outcome.

Not many cases make it to trial today in the civil litigation side of things. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that only 1% of civil cases ever make it into the courtroom. In 1962 about 11% of cases were tried. What is the difference today? Arbitration.

Arbitrators have changed the way cases proceed. They are an easier solution that gets results quickly. Of course, not every arbitration service has experienced arbitrators that are well versed in the law. Your first step in contract disputes should be to connect with an arbitration firm that can mediate the matter. If that does not solve the problem, your next step should be to partner with a firm that has experience in dealing with multi-district litigation.

The right team of professionals takes the weight off your firm for researching case law, preparing mock trials, and more. Instead of putting the burden on your in-house staff, you can free them up to focus on other cases that need support.

Winning Takes a Team

When clients are paying your attorney fee they expect that you are going to do whatever it takes to get the best outcome. Most of the time it takes a full team of experts to get the best outcome. Instead of tying up your staff and taking months to get that outcome, you can opt-in for the quicker more economical solution.

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